Happy Belated New Year (The Post That’s Been A Long Time Coming)!

Oh, Happy New Year to you all, loves near and far. We’ve arrived at this place – this liminal, magickal “starry sky” space where everything feels alive and hopeful and brimming with possibility (at least to me), where the concept of Time and Place and “Now” is becoming more abstract, yet accessible, as the moments tick on (example: it was January 3 when I started drafting this, and then the 17th, but now it’s February 4 – how in the world did that happen?).

Everything has been a surreal blur to me as of passing through the energetic gateway of the Great Conjunction on the Solstice (my birthday!). I could go on, and share some deeply specific stories and happenings, but not just yet.

To those who have lost loved ones in the last year; gone through any periods of grief, sadness, and despair in the last year; who have endured hardships due to pandemic and the tedium, stress, and struggles that sprung from that place of apocalyptic change; my Heart is holding your Heart, and I send Love, deepest Love and blessings, as we step into this brave new time together rooted in our sacred essence and uniqueness.

On Shedding, Healing, Becoming

I created this blog last summer thinking I was going to be blogging regularly, sharing so many stories of adventuring and revelations, little things on the daily about live, and the wild places, and anything that sets my soul alight. But alas, life happens, and in the midst of Venus Retrograde in Cancer last summer, I found myself traveling home to (unexpectedly) spend the entire summer with my family in the south central Upper Peninsula, and the inward swirl of summer everything called for my full presence.

And what a summer it was. Perpetual “on the edge of the wilds” camping with coyotes howling nightly and stars shining bright; a distanced pandemic wedding, peppered with some wild family dramas leading up to. Deep introspection, confusion and grief around a romantic soulmate with whom my connection may never come to fruition in this lifetime or in any others (healing and acceptance comes in waves, and this was but one of many since then). Taking the leap to buy and set up an office tent (you heard right – an office tent) and getting things rolling well and intensely there…

…only to be thrown into the most physically painful and debilitating healing crisis I’ve had yet that amounted to angry kidneys, adrenals, and plenty of emotional and karmic issues coming to the surface.

Three visits to the ER and two months later, I finally headed home to the Keweenaw, having gotten a handle on what blew up into the scariest of times, with the calm-down coming as a friend rented a vehicle one-way to come and “save me” from what had become dire physical, emotional, and living situation circumstances to bring me back to the Keweenaw…but that’s a tale for another time, and not one that I’m sure I want to tell just yet, anyway.

The long story short, I came home to this land in all its glorious energies, despite my heartache having driven me away in the first place. And though it seems now that my next big life change is a move to Alaska that seems to be manifesting, I am the happiest here I ever could have imagined being post-heartache, right here in magickal snow country in the middle of winter’s deep sleeps and snow blankets that shimmer beneath the sun, and sparkle under the moonlight.

The Great Conjunction and The Bridge Between Dimensions

So often I’ll find myself pulled away from the daily trappings of mundane life to swim in the waters of Otherworld – other dimensions, the worlds that exist beyond what we can physically reach out and touch but are equally as real as the one we are having our “central” human experience from – receiving messages, being called to foster connections between myself and spirit guides, ancestors, those with whom I’ve agreed to develop relationships of many kinds with to form an alliance between worlds. It ebbs and flows in intensity, but no matter what calls and pulls in the physical realm, it’s always there. I feel it is a part of my calling to answer the call to form alliances between worlds. Whether those relationships and purposes involve human souls, elves, or other beings, I intend to follow through on bridging the gap more and more, on becoming the most anchored, lucid, and open intuitive and messenger that I can.

Much of this is already bringing profound shifts and healing in the healing work I do with individuals, but I feel that each day, I move closer to unlocking my purpose as musician and merging it with all I’ve already cultivated as intuitive/Wayshower. Truly channeling music, as my goal musically is to be an emissary between worlds, to show people what’s real and what’s really possible as we open our conscious awareness to the multidimensionality of the ALL of which we are an inextricable part…to collaborate with other visionary types in bringing the worlds to live, enlivening those who feel called to experience the vibrationally expansive, exhilarating, and healing energies we share.

The Weaving Of The Worlds, And The Journey From Here

But for now, I watch as the UPS truck makes yet another delivery to the people who live across the street in our little town, the snow coming down as we’re under a winter storm warning here in the Keweenaw – our first big snow of the year! The snow falls gently, steadily, as my salt lamp glows at the corner of my desk, just below a beautiful Hannah Willow painting of an orca whale – half in the ocean, half breached gazing towards the sky – depicting my feeling of liminality and “in between the worlds” almost perfectly.

Original artwork by Hannah Willow

The Orca: She of strong, supportive matriarchal lineage. Of deep ocean songs. Of creativity, protection, teaching/learning, soul guidance, longevity, communication and intelligence, and more.

The Orca: to me, a symbol of Alaska and the incredible depths of the Pacific Ocean and all her creatures that holds a profoundly moving Heart resonance for me. Though much is unknown in the early stages of manifesting this major life change (destiny!), I feel that it’s as good as done. It’s walking to meet it, with open arms and heart however it unfolds.

The Orca (and sacred Salmon, too): great teacher, spirit navigator and songstress, among other beings and guides in on the “new to me” change in trajectory, calling me home.

Life goes on, the “mundane” and “spiritual” feeling more and more integrated to me, running side by side, threads woven together – awkward in my awareness at times, but still, it is here. Chop wood, carry water. Feeling the sacredness that’s threaded throughout as I (slowly) motivate myself to do a much-needed yoga session for mind, body, and spirit.

I feel I have a long way to go in my journey as artist and Wayshower, and to get to where I feel called to go eventually, but today, I plan to enjoy the snow, revel in the little things, play some bodhran, and make my first attempt at my dad’s nearly famous homemade spaghetti sauce recipe – almost a year to the anniversary of his passing, continuing on the path of mastering the art of cooking and baking in my family’s footsteps during this extra time at home in pandemic.

The yoga mat beckons – my more connective moments for the day, where more intuitive messages and insights about what’s coming in the days and weeks (and more) ahead will surely come (and in the company of some beautiful little plants – my birkin and pony tail plant!). For now, I’m signing off with love, in magical snowy vibes from the great cozy north.

May your 2021 be blessed; may we walk with each other in unity of the Heart, Mind, and Spirit as we go forward dreaming visions into being, living our truest essence, creating a kinder, gentler, more sustainable and supportive world for all.

With Love, until next time,


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