Happy Belated New Year (The Post That’s Been A Long Time Coming)!

Oh, Happy New Year to you all, loves near and far. We’ve arrived at this place – this liminal, magickal “starry sky” space where everything feels alive and hopeful and brimming with possibility (at least to me), where the concept of Time and Place and “Now” is becoming more abstract, yet accessible, as the momentsContinue reading “Happy Belated New Year (The Post That’s Been A Long Time Coming)!”

Hello, and Welcome! /|\

Elven Fae Ulchabhán – A Portal For My Thoughts, A Place to Share My Passions I find my greatest peace, healing, and sense of wonder and belonging in the forest. There, the energies of the nature spirits come to greet me, and I am at once more anchored by the sprawling roots of trees andContinue reading “Hello, and Welcome! /|\”

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